Lecture on Mushrooms as Enablers

As part of  Theory of Leaves, July 2017, a four day programme organised by Emma (Veronica Valentini), San Zita Monastery, Offagna, Ancona, Italy

As a workshop participant in Theory of Leaves, Ancona, IT, organised by Emma (Veronica Valentini), I gave a lecture about my recent practice and Mushrooms as Enablers. Looking at plants as model for collaboration among human and non-human spheres, the four-day programme aimed to generate a climate of knowledge through cohabitation, exploration, distributed and situated learning promoted by artistic and cultural production. Participating artists and curators included Martina Angelotti, Grégory Castéra, Antonio Contador, Eli Cortiñas, Sara Giannini, Gema Melgar, Tobias Kaspar, Nika Kupyrova, Laura Huertas Millán, Jacopo Miliani, Beatriz Olabarrieta, Temra Pavlovic, Marketa Stara, Belén Zahera and Borbála Soós.