Metal Peterborough, UK

Research Residency, 2022 – 2023

This podcast is the first in a series which I have developed as part of my research residency with Metal, Peterborough in 2022-2023.

As an attempt top root myself in the landscape, as a relative newcomer in the fens, I have collected stories by visiting farms, community gardens, parks, lakes, museums, by talking with friends and family as well as by taking long walks in the green areas between the houses with a very close to the earth sausage dog. I have learned a lot through these different perspectives. I have especially valued the conversations and rich events at Metal Peterborough, and gardening in my long and narrow Victorian terrace garden, which I was the guardian of for but 18 months.

This series of podcasts will look at the different layers of earth under our feet, and how they are associated with different influxes of people, plants and animals. The deeper we dig, the less familiar it gets. How these newcomers continue to shape the landscape, and how this might give us new perspectives and critical approached to understanding the temporal nature of us tending to this land.

Podcast 1 - Time as a Layered Cake (When was the last time you ate a mud cake?)

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