A realm where cause and effect no longer applies

A realm where cause-and-effect no longer applies

25 April, 2017, Autarkia, Vilnius, Lithuania

Mushrooms sprout to life even in the darkest conditions. Spores of inspiration spread on the breeze of science, awash in irrepressible fantasy. Tropical climates are ripe for fermentation. While the yeast ferments, the revolution foments. Look through the cellular membrane: nostalgia therapy. Simulation leads to stimulation. The mountain pulls away turbulent weather, leaving sunshine over the beach. Escapism is a fundamental aspect of human life and mental health. All options are the best options. Heaven is a Place on Earth.

During this event the three residents at Rupert, Vilnius, Borbála Soós, Marco Strappato, and Elvia Wilk, presented their overlapping research, followed by thematic dinner, cocctails, and music selection.