Leader of Peer Forum
Horniman Museum and Gardens, London in collaboration with Artquest

January – October 2020

I was selected for the Peer Forum award at Horniman Museum and Gardens, working with Angela ChanOlga Koroleva, Anila Ladwa, Sonia LevyLou-Atessa MarcellinAnna MikkolaGerard Ortín CastellvíRachel PimmLaura PlantSara Rodrigues, and Hanna Rullmann in a peer mentoring group that considers their practice in relation to rewilding.

The term rewilding refers to an ecological practice that, through undoing the anthropocentric environmental transformation, strives to reinstate rich multi-species entanglements. Rewilding is visionary, future centric, resilient and allows for dynamic processes that can adapt over time.

Throughout the Peer Forum meetings and by engaging with the scientific work, collections and displays of the Horniman Museum and Gardens, the group will discuss how each of their artistic practices relate to the ecologies of rewilding and what sort of ideas, forms and methodologies this might encompass, such as communal projects and projects in unusual locations; in collaboration with scientists and other researchers; and exercising practices of care...