Forest Ecologies
online performative lecture
10 June 2020
tranzit, Bratislava, Slovakia

To mark the occasion of the opening of the exhibition Ecologies of the Ghost Landscape, the Word for World is Forest curator Borbála Soós invites us on an imaginary journey in the format of an online performative lecture. Stopping at various places we will examine specific entangled scenarios and habitats with complex political, social and economic strings attached. Borbála will speculate about the viability and problematics of creating a wildlife corridor spanning from Slovakia to Spain and Portugal in one direction, and to the Scottish Highlands the other, and we will also venture out to look at further examples or rewinding and reforesting in realties such as Amazonia and Siberia. With the help of the artworks in the exhibition, as well as other stories and videos collected from various sources such as poetry and sci-fi, scientific enquiry, philosophy, horror movies, audio recordings and counter-culture references, we will travel through past and future forest scenarios.