How to Become a Forest?
Performative Online Lecture
19 May 2020

March – May 2020

Agosto Foundation, Prague, Czech Republic

As an outcome of her residency March – May 2020 at Agosto Foundation, Prague, curator Borbála Soós invites you on a journey. In the familiar style of virtual guided tours in exhibition halls, she will take you through a series of existing and imagined spaces filled with strange details and luscious vegetation. Using the right of way she will walk through underwater forests off the coast of Malta and in the highlands of Scotland, the botanical gardens of Charles University in Prague, and a system of caves connecting these places. During this interactive journey including different routes to choose from, Borbala will flexibly open up what the space of an exhibition can possibly contain, expanding and contracting along the way. She will guide you through a series of passageways, exploring the complex and entangled relationship between places, species and history with the help of audio pieces, videos and other artworks. Along the way Borbála will talk about issues of narrativisation and of how we perceive nature, blurring the boundaries between fact and fiction. She will problematise colonial legacies, the financialization of nature, rewilding and humans as saviours of nature.